Y.Sh.Sion 2010 LTD


Sion was founded in 1999 by graduates of prestigious universities of Israel and other countries. Our main business is production of household chemical products based on advanced formulations and technologies.
Detergents manufactured by the company are intended for household use, as well as for using in areas of large gatherings of people such as industrial buildings, theatres, cinemas, stadiums, hotels, army canteens, etc. The company constantly works to improve the quality of products and expand their range on the basis of careful study of the market.

The Dead Sea minerals are widely used in compounding the products, which increases their efficiency and ecological compatibility.

The company's products are available in different packages intended for mass consumers, for professionals engaged in cleaning and for industrial purposes. The company's products are sold in all retail chains of Israel and are exported to many countries. Recently, the products have begun to reach the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and other Eastern European countries

New catalog of products for Export